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Central Florida Regional Hospital

Instruction Orientation

New Nursing School Instructor Orientation Information and Materials

Instructions: One month before the start of the students’ clinical rotation, contact Staff Development to schedule a date and time for an instructor’s orientation/reorientation. Instructor needs to allow 3-4 Hours to complete this orientation. Forms to be completed and submitted to Staff Development prior to orientation:

Self-learning Packets to be completed prior to orientation and post-tests (or documentation of on-line completion) submitted to Staff Development:

Click on the link to the post-test answer sheets and print out. Complete the post-tests at the end of each packet and submit the answer sheets to Staff Development

Please NOTE: New instructors are strongly encouraged to attend our hospital-wide orientation—Clinical Staff Orientation, Nursing Orientation, and Meditech/eMAR Training in lieu of completing the Student Nurse Orientation packet. Please call Staff Development to schedule.

Instructor Orientation

  • Welcome and review Instructor Handbook and Guidelines (PDF - 340KB)
  • Service Excellence/Patient Experience Training—to be completed during the student’s orientation class.
  • Meditech Training
  • Complete and submit documentation to Staff Development for:
    • Fit-testing for N95 mask
    • Bedside Glucose Monitoring at CFRH Test and Competency
    • Body Mechanics and Lifting Equipment Competency—to be completed during the student’s orientation class.
    • Restraint Test and Competency
    • Code of Conduct Self-Study or attendance at Orientation Code of Conduct
  • Pyxis Tutorial and print certificate. Submit certificate to & signed Pyxis Access form to Staff Development
  • Go to Human Resources to have name badge made.
  • Tour nursing unit where director/designee will complete Department-specific Orientation Checklist for instructor.