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Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing?

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation—A Higher Level of Care

When it comes to rehabilitation after illness or injury, acute care rehabilitation units hold a clear advantage over other settings.

Research clearly shows that outcomes are better and recovery is faster in the acute-care setting, compared to skilled nursing and nursing home care.

Outcomes vary, depending on the facility

Acute rehabilitation hospitals offer distinct advantages in the level of care and services over nursing homes and assisted living centers. Once you compare placement options, we feel confident you will choose The Rehabilitation Center.

For example, all of the following are required at the Rehabilitation Center—and not at the average nursing home:

  • Frequent visits by a rehabilitation physician, most often a physiatrist
  • Multidisciplinary, collaborative team approach
  • Specialty nursing training
  • Leading-edge rehabilitation expertise
  • Weekly team conference
  • Exceptionally trained therapists
  • State of the art therapy gyms and rehabilitation technology

Medicare patients in our rehabilitation hospitals must be seen in person by rehabilitation physicians at least three times per week. By contrast, Medicare patients in some nursing homes may not see a physician more than once a week or in some instances even longer.

In addition, rehabilitation hospitals require a minimum of three hours a day of PT, OT, and/or speech therapy at least five days per week. At nursing homes there is no minimum.

While RN oversight and availability is required 24 hours a day at rehabilitation hospitals, the requirement at nursing homes is only a minimum of eight consecutive hours per day.

Finally, rehabilitation hospitals require between five and seven and a half nursing hours per patient per day, while the standard for nursing homes is usually between two and a half and four hours.

As the nation’s largest provider of inpatient rehabilitative healthcare services, our expert team of physicians, nurses, therapists and hospital support staff is committed to providing safe, quality and cost-effective care to all patients.

We understand you want the best for your patients. That’s why it’s important that you consider The Rehabilitation Center.

“…a higher likelihood of return to the community and improved functional status among stroke patients admitted to rehabilitation hospitals.”

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“In comparisons of stroke patients in the United States who received care in rehabilitation hospitals or in nursing homes, those who received care in rehabilitation hospitals were more likely to return to the community.”

Duncan, PW, et al. “Adherence to Postacute Rehabilitation Guidelines is Associated with Functional Recovery in Stroke.” Stroke 33 (2002): 167-178.