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Choosing The Rehabilitation Center at CFRH

We know you have a choice when selecting a rehabilitation partner, and we’re glad you’re considering The Rehabilitation Center at CFRH. Here are some suggested guidelines for making your choice.

The Rehabilitation Center offers warmth, comfort and support throughout your stay. We understand the complexity of rehabilitation. That’s why all aspects of your stay are coordinated according to your specific needs and goals.

Not only does our interdisciplinary team pledge to help you reach the highest levels of independence, safety and satisfaction, our personalized therapy program and compassionate nursing care are designed to assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome and the utmost quality of life.

Throughout your time with us, your family and friends are welcome to visit. Those who will be providing care and assistance to you after discharge are even expected & encouraged to participate in your rehabilitation training sessions. After all, they will become your coaches once your leave our capable hands. Let your journey to healing begin with us.

The Rehabilitation Center specializes in the rehabilitative treatment of complex neurological conditions like Guillain Barré, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and traumatic brain injury, as well as the familiar, such as arthritis, chronic pain and joint replacement. Specialized services help preserve or regain your quality of life.

Everything from the physicians, to your daily schedule, to available technology, to staff certifications adds to a therapeutic environment. For example, some of our nurses are certified rehabilitation nurses (CRRN)—to help support your medical care, nutrition, bowel and bladder function, skin care and sleeping habits, as well as your psychological and emotional health.

The strongest inpatient rehabilitation programs have immediate access to emergency and medical care. Our rehabilitation program is located within a hospital with immediate access to all medical, diagnostic and laboratory services.

A well-established rehabilitation program will have services and staff with many years of experience specializing in particular conditions—such as stroke, neurological conditions or spinal cord injury—providing a network of expertise. Specialized staff may also use more innovative treatment techniques and be more sensitive to the needs of patients and their families.

The best comprehensive rehabilitation programs address not only the physical but the emotional, psychological, social, spiritual, vocational and geographic needs of patients and families. Since all patients’ needs are different, services should be plentiful and diverse, providing access to the services that are best suited to their recovery.

The Joint Commission is an independent organization that sets the highest quality control standards for healthcare. Rehab programs are not required to obtain accreditation. Those who choose to do so demonstrate a deep commitment to quality.

Outcomes data should reported to national databases of the Joint Commission and the Uniform Data Systems (UDSmr), the rehabilitation industry’s most widely recognized outcomes tool for measuring rehabilitation effectiveness.

Throughout the duration of recovery, patients’ rehabilitation needs change. A strong rehabilitation program will offer a network of all levels of rehabilitation to meet a patient’s needs as they progress.

Top-quality facilities will have a experienced rehab nurses, the majority of whom have completed Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) requirements. They are available to provide 24/7 nursing care.

In accordance with rehab regulations, you will receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day, five days a week. Therapy services are provided on weekends if needed. Therapy is scheduled throughout the day.

Top Rehabilitation Hospitals provide education and support to your family and/or caregivers about how to assist you after discharge for continued progress.

By choosing The Rehabilitation Center you have our commitment to provide:

  • Convenient access to physician specialists and medical services.
  • Therapy customized according to your specific goals and needs.
  • Nursing and therapies provided by a coordinated team of specially trained professionals.
  • Exceptional care every time.
  • Minimum of 3 hours of therapy, 5 days per week.
  • A full continuum of rehab therapies and programs.