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Frequently Asked Questions

There are different levels of care and different types of facilities that provide rehabilitation. These include Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Home Health Agencies and Outpatient Clinics. It is important to know what each one provides. Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, like the Rehabilitation Center at CFRH provide the highest level and intensity of rehabilitation. There are national guidelines and standards of care that govern the services provided by Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities. One of the required standards of care is that patients will receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day for 5 days/week. Inpatient Rehabilitation is required to provide close medical supervision and at Indian Rocks Rehabilitation you will be seen by your Physiatrist (Rehabilitation Doctor) every day.

When the specific criteria for admission to inpatient rehabilitation is met, rehabilitation is a covered service by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies. Prior authorization is required by most insurance companies before admission to rehabilitation, and your case manager will coordinate that for you. The Rehabilitation Center has contracts with most major insurance companies.

The average length of stay in inpatient rehabilitation is 12-13 days, however the duration of your stay very much depends on your specific needs, and the rate of your progress.

We recognize that your family is a very important part of your recovery and rehabilitation. It is important that they know how you are progressing, so your family may be asked to observe your therapy and participate in family training so they can assist in your transition to home.

Unlike the regular hospital, you will be getting dressed in street clothes each day while at The Rehabilitation Center. You should bring:

  • Several sets of comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Include a light jacket or cardigan
  • Comfortable walking shoes such as sneakers
  • Personal care items for grooming and self care

We provide Wi-Fi and some patients choose to bring in their laptops.

While a patient at The Rehabilitation Center, you will receive at least 3 hours of therapy five days per week. Typically this involves one and a half hours of Physical Therapy and one and a half hours of Occupational Therapy each day. Some patients also receive Speech Therapy. Usually you have two hours of therapy in the morning, and this can include training in the self care areas of grooming, hygiene and dressing, along with exercises, gait training and other activities, and another hour of therapy in the afternoon.